Case Study

The brief

Colb is a DeFi (decentralised finance) technology provider based in Switzerland.

Founded in 2020, Colb is building an investment ecosystem powered by a USD-backed stablecoin, and tokenised structured products that mirror the profitability of real-world assets at a fraction of the minimum ticket size.

We began working with Colb shortly after they received Series A financing, initially in an advisory capacity - defining their key messaging, building a comprehensive communications strategy and developing content for their website.

But also…

Our work with Colb has now expanded to include overseeing social media content, writing and editing their first white paper, writing speeches for the CEO, designing their investment platform (with a focus on UX/UI), building their website, designing visual assets, writing press releases, as well as offering business development and strategic advice.

"You are already contributing to our success, and we are happy to see the list of projects we can share growing. A huge thank you to Spoken's team and the incredible work that they are doing. Hopefully they enjoy what we are building together as much as we do."
Caina Gasbarro
Co-founder, Colb