Poetry Spirits

Case Study

The brief

To create a bold and informative website alongside dynamic promotional content for a new, premium vodka brand.

What we did

In a saturated market, it was vital for this brand to stand out. Our client already had a logo and bottle in production, with a simple holding page website. We built on this, developing an identity that would elevate the brand and showcase the product while telling its unique story with ownable assets and a distinct tone of voice.

After expanding the visual style into a brand with fonts, colours and imagery, we worked with a web developer to create an interactive and vibrant website.

As part of the brand identity, we created a surrealist video sequence that deconstructed the process of making their signature vodka martini through a kaleidoscope of mouth-watering scenes. Taking inspiration from 1920s French film and Salvador Dali, the video plays on the website as a visual introduction to the world of Poetry.

But also…

Beyond the brand’s website, we created a series of useful marketing materials, including a pitchbook, digital invitations and company business cards.